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natural green® “Classic”

natural green® is a plant strengthening agent based on micronised, natural calcium carbonate (calcite). The specially selected rock material contains not only calcium, carbon, magnesium, iron, manganese and silicon but also a variety of other trace elements. The average size of the minute particles is around 7 µm. This means that they along with the water for spraying can easily be absorbed by plants via their leaves.

The natural trace elements contained in natural green® stimulate a number of essential biochemical processes in plants. As a result, the plants can develop better and are healthier. This optimisation leads to a definite improvement in the performance of cultivated plants.

As an approved plant strengthening agent, natural green® is recommended for use on all agricultural and garden crops as well as in fruit growing. Highly positive results have been obtained when using natural green® in landscape gardening and when caring for and maintaining the health of heavily used areas of grass, e.g. golf courses and sports pitches. natural green® has no harmful effects on the environment and is harmless to humans and animals. As a 100% natural mineral product, it contains no chemical and/or organic additives.

natural green® is listed by the BVL, FiBEL and OMRI (USA).

The product is registered for use in organic agriculture.

  • Improved plant health and greater natural resistance to diseases and pests
  • Improved photosynthesis
  • Improved stress resistance against cold and drought
  • More efficient use of water owing to improved stomata function
  • Increased yield and better crop quality
  • Higher levels of valuable substances and flavourings (e.g. vitamins, sugars, flavonoids, starch)
  • Improved storage and transport capabilities (e.g. fruit, strawberries, lettuce)