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About us


The company

Natural Green GmbH is a young and innovative company. In keeping with its slogan “Nature helps nature”, Natural Green GmbH develops, produces and markets plant strengthening agents, fertilisers and soil conditioners on the basis of natural raw materials. These are designed to produce better, healthier plants and increase the natural yield potential of a wide range of different crops without the use of chemicals. Natural Green GmbH sells its own natural green® product throughout the world. It is also planning to launch other new products based exclusively on mineral/organic natural substances in the near future. Natural Green GmbH has the specialist “know-how” needed to formulate micronised and energetically enriched mineral products. It has already developed a number of new formulations for use as soil conditioners along with a new generation of “plant strengthening agents” and leaf fertilisers for use not only in a wide range of agricultural settings but also in horticulture, viniculture, fruit growing and forestry.


Natural Green GmbH has developed special production and formulation processes for its products based on its scientific knowledge of plant nutrition and soil science. Before chemical products were ever introduced, fertile soils and natural plant nutrition procedures evolved over millions of years. Using its knowledge of these processes, the company has retraced and optimised the natural processes involved in the mineralisation of rocks and organic substances through heat, frost, rain and water/wind erosion. This has resulted in its cutting-edge, highly efficient mechanical micronising technology. The formulations produced by combining various types of natural rock and organic natural substances are made up of micronised and energetically charged minute particles. They are rich in all the essential nutrients needed to ensure optimum plant growth. As a result of the complex formulation process used, the nutrient ions bound up in the minute particles are able to be absorbed by the roots and parts of a plant above ground as soon as they are combined with water. This then enables them to exert their effect on the metabolism of the plant cells. Because this production process also results in an increase in the kinetic energy of the nutrient ions, they are more reactive and therefore more effective than chemically produced plant nutrients or powdered rocks. The natural green formulations thus not only imitate natural processes but also optimise them.

Benefits of the products

Although they are entirely natural, Natural Green products are highly effective plant nutrition agents. When used as soil or leaf fertilisers, they increase and improve the growth, yield, quality and health of a wide variety of plants. They are sustainable too as they are formulated without the use of harmful chemical processes. This makes them synonymous with healthy and environmentally friendly plant nutrition. They therefore help to provide healthy, safe food for people and animals alike while making a vital contribution towards securing the food supply for a growing world population.

The company’s objectives

The Natural Green GmbH company philosophy is marked by a thirst for technical innovation, creativity and responsibility towards the environment on the basis of fundamental scientific knowledge. It provides a sound platform for successful future company development in spite of the fact that it will probably be some time before large numbers of users recognise and take advantage of the benefits of these new products. Employees at Natural Green GmbH are not the only ones using natural products to help nature nowadays. A growing number of practitioners and scientists in more and more countries are showing conviction and doing the same. They are convinced that Natural Green’s

guiding principle

Natur helps natur

is the right way to achieve environmentally friendly plant production.