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Production process


natural green® products are manufactured using the so-called JAM process developed by Natural Green GmbH.

JAM stands for

Jet-Stream Activation and Micronisation.

During the JAM process, mineral and/or organic particles collide with one another at very high speed. This causes the particles to become micronised. At the same time, the crystal lattice structure of the mineral particles is destroyed and the surface area of the particles is increased many times over.

In combination with suitable solvents (e.g. water, cell sap or natural acids), the increased reactive particle surface causes nutrient ions to be released more quickly, which means that they are immediately available for plant nutrition.

Products manufactured using the JAM process therefore achieve an above-average level of nutrient efficiency. This is particularly true of the calcium, magnesium and trace element ions contained in the natural raw materials. Plant growth is encouraged, crop quality and yield are increased and the health of the plants is improved.

The JAM process guarantees a high level of sustainability and high ecological product quality as it takes place without chemical reaction processes. As a result, the valuable nutrients in the natural raw materials used are preserved.