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Recommendations for use

General product recommendations

Application rate/concentration:

natural green® is designed to be sprayed on leaves at a concentration of 0.2% – 0.5%. The recommended concentration depends on the type of plant as well as the plant’s stage of development.

The recommended concentrations correspond to the following application rates in kg/ha (based on the quantity of water used for spraying in each case).

Concentration      Volume of water for spraying in l/ha              Type of plant

In %                200 l   300 l   00 l     500 l   > 500 l

                            Ø Application rate in kg/ha

0.2%                 –         –         0.8      1.0      1.5      Decorative plants, horticulture

0.3%                 –         1.0      1.2      1.5      2.5      Vegetables

0.4%                 –         1.2      1.5      2.0      2.5      Agricultural crops, fruit growing

0.5%                 1.0      1.5      2.0      2.5      3.0      Grass, golf courses, sports pitches

Figures highlighted in green: Application rate per hectare and per application used by the majority of users


pH value of the spray solution:

The optimum pH value for the spray mixture is between pH 5.0 and pH 7.5.


Preparing the spray mixture:

Half-fill the spraying tank with water. Switch on the stirring mechanism. Add any additives to be used (e.g. pH reducers, wetting agents or pesticides) to the water. Gradually add natural green® to the water. Add the remaining water. Do not switch off the stirring mechanism during transport to the field and during the spraying process.

If carrying out consecutive spraying operations, do not completely empty the spray tank before filling it up again. You should subsequently proceed as described above.

If you have finished spraying or have not sprayed for some time, rinse out the spray tank and nozzles thoroughly with fresh water.



Using the mixture you have prepared, spray the plants to be treated as evenly as possible so that the top and bottom sides of the leaves are equally wet.

The best time to apply natural green® is the early morning hours on days when sunny weather is expected. The average daytime temperature should be above 12°C.

To increase the effectiveness of the product and to avoid marks after spraying, it is recommended that you add suitable wetting agents to the mixture. This is particularly important in horticulture and when growing vegetables.

Application times:

natural green® Classic was found to be most effective when applied during the following growth phases:

  • Young plants and/or fresh leaves
  • Before periods when strong vegetative growth is expected
  • After flowering
  • After fruits have formed

(For further information, see “Special recommendations for application”)




natural green® Classic can be mixed with pesticides and leaf fertilisers. However, users must check that the products are compatible before using them for the first time. Mixtures containing products (especially leaf fertilisers) with a high phosphate or sulphate content are not recommended.

General precautions:

natural green® Classic is non-toxic and is therefore safe for humans, animals and the environment.

Nevertheless, it is recommended that you do not breathe in natural green® Classic dust and that you protect your eyes and mouth using eye and mouth protectors.

natural green® should be stored out of the reach of children.